Ben Crosby
Ben Crosby

Ben Crosby

Enterprise CTO Advisor

Customer-experience focussed Technology Leader

I am an extremely passionate technologist through-and-through, with both a broad understanding and the ability to dive deep. Able to communicate clearly across the business, executive, engineering, and partner teams to align goals and deliver elegant solutions.

Today customers are looking for solutions that seamlessly deliver the kind of experience they want, mobile-enabled, always-connected, deeply intelligent, socially-enabled, secure, simple to use. The list of requirements keeps growing, and the tools to deliver are in an almost constant flux.

To build these kinds of solutions requires an unprecedented breadth of technology understanding, spanning software, hardware, cloud, security, machine learning, and more, always with an eye on newly emerging technologies and their opportunities. The more elegant a solution is, the more complexity lurks behind the scenes to deliver that stunning experience, yet the simpler it must be to operate reliably and efficiently.

I am proud and honoured to have built and led teams of extremely talented architects, engineers, designers, product managers and implementors to deliver some of the most cutting-edge blended digital media experiences and networks on the market. From defining Telstra's "Air" - an International Wi-Fi network, to AT&T's u-Verse entertainment offering, these products and services are used by millions of people each and every day.

I have a reputation for delivering, and am fortunate to have developed a loyalty and respect from those who have worked with me around the world. I love challenging roles and projects where I can develop, guide and lead smart teams through the minefield of the emerging digitisation and disruption across all industries.

I am a huge advocate for customer-focussed product and service development, using small and nimble teams of domain experts to achieve monumental outcomes with minimal stress, always exceeding customer expectations.

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